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Educamericas - Chili
Published on July 2011

Universidades Corporativas: la sala de clases al interior de la empresa

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Capital - Spain
Published on May 2011

Cuando la empresa es la mejor universidad

Alfonso Pérez
Captar talento, dotar a la plantilla de conocimientos y habilidades específicas, mejorar su empleabilidad, unificar la cultura de la empresa... Con
estos objetivos, cada vez más grupos deciden crear sus propias universidades corporativas.

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Learning Review - Argentina
Published on May 2011

Las Universidades Corporativas son la encargadas de acompañar los cambios"

María Victoria Minetti
La demanda del mercado de profesionales con diversas competencias, que en muchos casos el sistema educativo desatiende, y el mundo cambiante en el que vivimos, lleva a las empresas a generar sus propios recursos para subsistir exitosamente mediante la transformación y adaptación al entorno.

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The Telegraph India
Published on 24 October 2010

Learning on the Job

Prasun Chauduri & Avijit Chatterjee
The Greek-style open air amphitheatre of the Global Education Centre built by information technology major Infosys at Mysore is perhaps symbolic of the company's global aspirations. The Rs2,055 crore mega campus, spread over 337 acres, is the largest corporate education centre in the world.

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Il Sole 24 Ore
Published in September 2010

L'università in proprio conquista le imprese

Attilio Geroni
La tendenza è in forte crescita a livello internazionale, grazie soprattutto al traino delle grandi economie emergenti. Le scuole di formazione manageriale delle aziende, le cosiddette corporate university, hanno nuovamente il vento in poppa e Newsweek ne fa la storia di copertina. Nell'ultimo decennio il loro numero è raddoppiato e oggi sono all'incirca 4mila, secondo le statistiche diffuse dal Global Council of Corporate Universities…

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Published on 20 September 2010

Corporate learning

Mac Margolis
Big companies are setting up university campuses all over the world to help produce the kinds of employees they most need. By some estimates the enrolment at corporate universities may soon surpass the number at traditional universities.

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Chief Learning Officer
Published December 2008

Corporate Social Responsibility: How Can Learning Contribute

Annick Renaud Coulon
One emerging element in executive education has been corporate social responsibility. How can the learning organization encourage this sort of behavior, which ultimately has a positive effect on the bottom line? The idea that education is the key to everything isn't new. Plato was a fervent critic of the civilization in which he lived, which was rife with corruption, and saw education as a means of creating the ideal society. Confucius believed that education not only offered a means to establish a reign of virtue, but could also change human nature and improve it in a qualitative way. In some ways, the world hasn't changed much since antiquity. Human behavior - its foundations, selfishness and selflessness - remain unchanged. Virtue is still a much sought after commodity, and education is the best means of finding solutions to the world's ills.

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Published June 2008

Corporate Social Responsibility Revisited

Brian Summerfield
A few months ago, I wrote an article for CLO magazine’s Executive Briefings newsletter about the role of the learning function in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. In the piece, I talked to Annick Renaud-Coulon, who has promoted the idea of using the corporate university as a means to CSR ends in her native Europe and beyond. (You can find that article here.) In the story, I asked her if there is any substantial benefit to employing the corporate university in the service of social responsibility that goes any farther than being a feel-good exercise. She said that pressure from organizations’ stakeholders (in both Europe and North America) to enhance and expand CSR programs is rising, and those organizations would have to use existing resources in new ways to improve in this area. Renaud-Coulon maintained that one of the best resources for this is the corporate university, which is a powerful lever for effecting changes in views and behaviors.

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Executive Briefings
Published March 2008

Can Corporate Universities Play a Role in CSR? Should They?

Brian Summerfield
Members of Generation Y — and to a lesser extent, Gen Xers — are commonly said to desire two things from their employers: robust development opportunities and a sense of social responsibility. These corporate “carrots” are fine by themselves, but never the twain shall meet, right? Maybe not. Annick Renaud-Coulon, an international thought leader in learning and development and the principal founder of the Global Council of Corporate Universities, believes there can and should be a relationship between the two. In fact, she’s spent a substantial part of her recent career advocating greater involvement from corporate universities in their organizations’ CSR initiatives.

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