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Congratulations to our esteemed GlobalCCU Award 2017 winners, announced 5 April in Paris and listed here by category:

Best Overall Corporate University
Gold Award: Banco Bradesco SA, (Brazil),
Silver Award: PT Telekomunikasi, (Indonesia),
Bronze Award: Software AG, (Germany)

Best Corporate University - Business impact
Gold Award:
Sberbank Group, (Russia),
Silver Award: Turkcell, (Turkey),
Bronze Award: Petronas, (Malaysia)

Best Corporate University - Cculture and brand
Gold Award:
Aditya Birla, (India),
Silver Award: Caixa Econômica Federal, (Brazil),
Bronze Award: EDP, (Portugal)

Best Corporate University - Corporate Responsibility
Gold Award:
Bosasa Group of Companies, (South Africa),
Silver Award: Banco Central do Brasil, (Brazil),
Bronze Award: Gas Natural Fenosa, (Spain)

Best Corporate University - Holistic human and digital
Gold Award:
Defense Acquisition University, DAU, (USA),
Silver Award: Turk Telekom, (Turkey),
Bronze Award: Yapi Kredi, (Turkey)

Best Corporate University - Innovation
Gold Award:
Banco do Brasil, (Brazil),
Silver Award: Mobile TeleSystems, (Russia),
Bronze Award: Vale, (Brazil)

Best Corporate University - Leader of the Year
Igor Fernando Ferreira, McDonald’s – Arcos Dorados (Latin America)

Outstanding Services to the Learning Industry - Special Award 2017
Timothy Tobin, Choice Hotels (USA)

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Glaucimar Peticov
Best Overall gold award 2017

Congratulations to Glaucimar Peticov, HR Director of Banco Bradesco, and to UniBrad team who received the GlobalCCU Best Overall Gold Award 2017.
This outstanding Corporate University made strong articulations with the business areas, ensuring the strategic character of learning and development. It is founded on clear strategic pillars: people development, technology and sustainable business development, using a strong method to make sure the solutions align with business needs.
This Corporate UniBrad, targeting all employees, definitely generates value for People, Business and Society.
Its action is founded on Corporate Values as People make the difference with their behaviors of cooperation, courage, altruism, creativity and justice.
It has a significant governance with the strong support of the CEO and business leaders in its mission, processes and practices.
Among its outstanding features, UniBrad has developed a professional use of digital learning, promoted reflection on the performance of leaders in the company’s management and on the positive practices of corporate governance and sustainability of the business. It addressed crucial themes related to business and risks, full vision, creation of value. It showed a lot of 'human touch'.
UniBrad partnered with renowned educational institutions to stimulate and promote the self-development of employees in the environment external to the Organization. In addition to the full sponsorship to employees, discounts and special conditions are granted in Graduation and Post-Graduation courses, MBA, Languages.
Its best practice presented at the GlobalCCU Forum 2017 was the integration of more than 20 thousand employees when Banco Bradesco acquired HSBC Brazil in 2016.
The high level of maturity of UniBrad in all the dimensions of a best-in-class Corporate Universities has conferred the recognition it deserves.

Igor Fernando Ferreira
Corporate University Leader of the Year 2017

‘The life of our Leader of the Year begins in a low-income family in Brazil. When he was 12, he cleaned VHS tapes at a video rental store. At the age of 14 he was a crew member of a McDonald’s in Curitiba.
He was “forced” to leave McDonald’s, because he was admitted to a state school.
He is the living proof of social promotion through education.
He is now Senior Corporate Education Manager - Dean of McDonald's University - HU Latin America, the Biggest McDonald’s franchise in the world with 90,000 employees.
I name IGOR FERNANDO FERREIRA, who I invite to join us on stage as well as Nicolas URIBE POSADA, HR Director of McDonald's - Arcos Dorados and Christian Blanc, former CEO of Air France, to celebrate this amazing achievement.
Igor climbed the ladder step by step, studying without fail and finally obtained an executive MBA in 2015.
Igor, during your career, you served as Training Supervisor, Sales Supervisor, Human Resources Coordinator, journalist, and more recently as Human Resources Manager – Learning & Development at PepsiCo Brazil Foods, before rejoining McDonald’s Arcos Dorados.
On behalf of the Advisory and Judging Committee, I am really honored to reward you with the GlobalCCU Best Corporate University Leader of the Year 2017 for your body of work over your career, and also for what you do at the head of Hamburger University in Latin America. UH Brazil is no longer a university that "educates", but rather, a university that shares knowledge and learning.
Igor, judges appreciated particularly your vision and your Strategic plan in CSR, to prepare your employees – most of whom are aged between 17 and 25 years old – to be better citizens, aware of their rights and duties. They said that you are a prime example of an exceptional Chief Learning Officer’.
NiCOLAS, Hamburger University has had a reputation for excelling in strategy, branding and efficient delivery for a long time, and that was evident here.
The judges particularly appreciated that as a Leader in the Industry since 1961, you monitor the organization's KPIs and align with them, and not surprisingly. They also underlined the outstanding efforts in branding of HU.
It is Igor who is rewarded here tonight, but you can be sure that it is also HU as a whole that is on the stage this evening.
Annick Renaud-Coulon
Chairman of the GlobalCCU


Thanks to the Partners of the GlobalCCU Forum 2017








Press Room

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  • Saynur Onen and Julia Menninga, GlobalCCU AB Members moved their job recently. Saynur is now HR Management and Development Director at Yildiz, Turkey, and Julia works at McCann UK as Director of the Corporate University.


GlobalCCU organization

Impacting Events

  • Uni Brad (Brazil), Best overall Corporate University 2017 celebrated their outstanding achievement with the CEO of Banco Bradesco.

  • UniBB who won the GlobalCCU Best Overall award gold winner 2015 had a stand at Conarh (Human Resources National Congress), the largest human resources event in Latin America and second in the world. Visitors learnt about the success of UniBB in the stand here in photo.


  • DAU, Defense Acquisition University, the best overall Corporate University Gold Winner 2013, organized a ceremony in front of the entire university for presenting the GlobalCCU Award.The trophy has been displayed in the Pentagon to all the senior leadership.

Previous Events

Hugo Pena Brandão, Executive Manager of Banco do Brasil Corporate University (UniBB) has accepted to serve as member of the Advisory Board of GlobalCCU. He welcomed Annick Renaud-Coulon in Brasilia on 17 and 18 March 2016 for filming video lessons for the UniBB Portal.

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