2008 GlobalCCU Forum Unique Outcome Values

“Our goal was to obtain maximum input from a variety of Corporate University professionals to ensure a relevant and innovative event. Our intention was not to run a conference whereby attendees simply listened to speakers and amassed business cards; rather, our aim was to organise a global seminar providing in-depth learning, intellectual challenges and the opportunity for professional development.”

The Advisory Board Members

The 2008 GlobalCCU Forum provided participants with:

  • a unique opportunity to enrich their knowledge and benchmark best practices, enabling them to enhance the value of their Corporate University
  • an extended personal network with peers from across the globe where they could create connections that will endure throughout their career
  • exposure to keynotes and presentations by CEOs, personalities and selected professionals from prominent Corporate Universities and international organisations.
  • a delegate’s guide containing the text from keynote addresses and in-depth case studies on leading corporations from over five continents
  • a highly professional learning path with a personal progress plan designed to enhance their Corporate University’s added value
  • a highly innovative forum framework: held inside an outstanding Corporate University rather than a Conference Centre, where music is a common denominator between continents and cultures, and other out-of-the box thinking





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