The GlobalCCU Awards 2015

The GlobalCCU Awards winners 2015 are by category:

  • Best overall Corporate University
    Gold Award: Banco do Brasil, UniBB (Brazil)
    Silver Award: Sberbank Group, Sberbank Corporate University (Russia)
    Bronze Award: PT. Telekomunikasi lndonesia, Tbk, Telkom Corporate University (lndonesia)

  • Best impact of Corporate University on implementation of business strategies of the organization
    Gold Award: Hilton Worldwide, Hilton Worldwide University (USA)
    Silver Award: First Bank of Nigeria, FirstAcademy, (Nigeria)
    Bronze Award: DenizBank, Deniz Academy (Turkey)

  • Best Corporate University embodying the identity, the culture and the brand of the organization in its stakeholders
    Gold Award: Anand Automotive Pvt Ltd, Anand U (lndia)
    Silver Award: Pirelli, Training@Pirelli, (ltaly)
    Bronze Award: Hoerbiger Group, Hoerbiger Campus (Switzerland)

  • Best innovative Corporate University
    Gold Award: SAP SE, openSAP (Germany)
    Silver Award: Hoerbiger Group, Hoerbiger Campus (Switzerland)
    Bronze Award: Ernst & Young Brazil, EY University (Brazil)

  • Best Corporate University leveraging Corporate Responsibility
    Gold Award: PT Bank Mandiri Persero (Tbk), Mandiri University (lndonesia)


We warmly thank all candidates for their participation . The strong quality of all applications made the
assessment by the Advisory and Judging Committee very rich in debates and the selection process
very intense.


Hugo Pena Brandao. Banco do Brasil, General Manager of UniBB. Best overall Corporate University Gold Award 2015
"The most remarkable aspect of our participation in the Global CCU Forum and Awards 2015 was the chance to learn from the experience of other participants and members of the jury. All throughout the forum, we were very keen to share good practices with renowned corporate universities from different cultural backgrounds and varied industries, as well as to identify opportun ities for improving our programs and corporate education actions. Needless to say, being elected the best overall corporate university was an extraordinary achievement that represents a landmark in our efforts to promote and deliver quality education."

Prof. Valery Katkalo, Dean, Sberbank Corporate University, Best overall Corporate University Silver Award 2015
"This is a great honor and privilege for us to receive this reputable GlobalCCU Award. With corporate universities being a growing trend world-wide, the role of GlobalCCU in sharing and highlighting the best practices is very important now. The international recognition of Sberbank Corporate University’s achievements is the result of intensive and proactive work by the whole Sberbank team in developing the culture of learning organization and the world-class Corporate university to support Sberbank's vision of its human capital as key source of its sustainable competitive advantage. This year the other GlobalCCU prize-winners were also very prominent, and for us its is quite a responcibility to be the first representative of Russian business to be awarded by GlobalCCU and we will make all efforts that this high-caliber international professional community will continue to recognize developments and innovations at Sberbank CU on our way forward."

Dr Christopher Hardy, DAU, Defense Acquisition University, USA. Best overall Corporae University Gold Award 2013
"Representing DAU, the 2013 GlobalCCU Best Overall Corporate University, and as the President of the 2015 Awards committee , I felt that this year's GlobalCCU Award recipientswere truly Global! Many great organizations were represented, and the award winners were diverse , impressive and represented the best of the best in corporate universities ." "Of particular benefit to me were the benchmarking sessions where we were able to share the details of the many best practices demonstrated at this premier event! Additionally , the opportunity to meet and network with winning organizations was invaluable for I obtained many great ideas on how to improve my own corporate university especially in the area of digital technologies."

Jeffrey Krebs, Dean of Microsoft University China
"Regarding participation in the Advisory and Judging Committee in Awards process: I valued the awards process very much as I was able to meet and interact with highly experienced peers in our profession from around the world , learn about new and interesting practices from among our applicants, and take time out from day to day execution of my own work to reflect and consider new approaches with fresh insights . Additionally, the Awards event was very enjoyable, in a lovely venue with a good mix of pageantry and ceremony with friendly humor and warmth. The benchmarking sessions brought together award winners and thought leaders from Corporate Universities from a round the world to discuss and reflect on new ideas, challenging common issues, and how they are building on established best practices to address the needs of new business goals and new learning styles of our employees. I was impressed by how the award winners have ta ken very fresh approaches to long-standing challenges with great results, and will be taking these learnings back to my own team to discuss."

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Impacting Events

  • 2021 GlobalCCU e-Forum was a virtual event, due to the pandemic crisis, bringing together Award winners, VIPs, Partners and learning experts from 21 countries around the world. Russian Railways won the 2021 GlobalCCU Best overall Gold Award and 16 other impressive Corporate Universities were rewarded.

  • 12 May 2020: Benchmarking webinar on Corporate Universities and social distancing, Challenges, Strategies and Takeaways! with Juliano Marcilio, HR Director of Bradesco, Brasil and Annick Renaud-Coulon
  • 21 April 2020: Corporate University brand assessment and development webinar presented by Annick Renaud-Coulon
    « Thanks for hosting a wonderful session on branding. This session gave us a chance to see how other corporate universities have approached it. It was very interesting to see branding examples around the world. »
    « Great session! We got good insights for Corporate University branding aspects. »
    « A benchmarking for branding, learning from what others are doing and elements of branding well explained. »
    « We were heavily internally focused. This webinar opened up our minds. Thank u. »
    « I've got useful tips and insight as well. »
    « Lot of insights to brand our corporate university. Thanks a lot. »

  • 2019 GlobalCCU Awards and Forum hosted in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by Hamburger University, Academia Santander and Unibrad, Bradesco.
    PT Telkom Indonesia won the 2019 GlobalCCU Best overall Gold Award and 18 other impressive Corporate Universities were rewarded.

  • Uni Brad (Brazil), GlobalCCU Best overall Corporate University 2017 Gold Award winner, celebrated their outstanding achievement with the CEO of Banco Bradesco.

  • Igor Fernando Ferreira, McDonald’s – Arcos Dorados (Latin America) Best Corporate University - Leader of the Year 2017.

  • 2015 GlobalCCU Awards ceremony in Paris, France gathered Ambassadors, diplomats and journalists from across the globe to honour the award winning Corporate Universities.

  • UniBB (Brazil) GlobalCCU Best overall Corporate University 2017 Gold Award winner.
    Below UniBB had a stand at Conarh (Human Resources National Congress), the largest human resources event in Latin America and second in the world. Visitors learnt about the success of UniBB in the stand here in photo.

  • GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony 2013
    13 March 2013 at Microsoft France Headquarters in Paris, France MORE >

  • DAU, Defense Acquisition University, the best overall Corporate University Gold Winner 2013, organized a ceremony in front of the entire university for presenting the GlobalCCU Award.The trophy has been displayed in the Pentagon to all the senior leadership.

  • 2013 GlobalCCU Awards ceremony held at the Microsoft HQ in Paris, highlighted winners from outstanding Corporate Universities from five continents.

    GlobalCCU Forum at Campus Veolia and
    at the Sorbonne
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Sharing knowledge

Hugo Pena Brandão, Executive Manager of Banco do Brasil Corporate University (UniBB) welcomed Annick Renaud-Coulon in Brasilia on 17 and 18 March 2016 for filming video lessons for the UniBB Portal.