2019 GlobalCCU Forum in Sao Paulo - Hamburger University


Forum Partner, Carreira Bistro, led by Dayse Gomes, CEO, offered a very interactive welcome to the 2019 GlobalCCU Forum delegates coming to Brazil from around the world.

They initiated a ‘positive’ Brazilian cultural connection through a Brazilian ‘positive’ way connection game and live Brazilian music performed by the quintet Meninos de Trancoso were proposed, gathering the delegates together to begin this important learning event. Hamburger University offered a delicious welcome coffee experience

GlobalCCU Mandala

Carreira Bistro continued the icebreaker in the Auditorium to open the 2019 GlobalCCU Forum, where they invited attendees to a challenge to discover the six dimensions of the GlobalCCU Mandala and value the vision and services offered by GlobalCCU since its creation in 2005. A mystery voice announced the instructions for the challenge through a red telephone on stage.

Six groups then worked together to discover the six different dimensions of GlobalCCU. Each dimension was illustrated on a different piece of a Mandala, which, once assembled by each of the Group Ambassadors, gave the participants the opportunity to see, in a 360º format, the GlobalCCU vision and services from different perspectives, as well as to draw a parallel with the real-life context.  

Hamburger University – behind the scenes

Besides McDonald’s University (Hamburger University), opened in 1916 in Chicago, (USA), there are another six units around the world. Arcos Dorados operates the McDonald’s brand in Brazil and other Latin American countries. The Hamburger University Latin America opened its doors on October 17, 1997 and has welcomed over 120,000 students in educational activities and courses since then. The mission of the Hamburger University Latin America is to become Arcos Dorados’ organisational culture hub, introducing a continuous Education process for the value chain and transforming knowledge into actual business results.

To begin, Nicolas Uribe, Training & HR Director at Arcos Dorados, Latin America & Caribbean and Josane Juliao, Manager at Hamburger University – McDonald’s, explained its history, its Learning and Service culture, its strategic positioning and key activities. Francisco Junior, Dean of Hamburger University – McDonald’s, helped attendees discover its best practices and challenges.

The tour of the building revealed how the environment was carefully designed to accommodate different learning approaches, from a ‘Speech Series’, the conferences’ program held in the auditorium with streaming and simultaneous translation to 20 countries in Latin America, face to-face, online and even the possibility to learn in the ‘lab’, which is the exact same experience of being in a McDonald’s restaurant kitchen.

The tour to the Learning Schools focused on presenting some of the curriculum offered in each of the four Schools: Operational Excellence, Leadership, Business and Real Estate & Innovation. Participants learned more about the target audience, the courses, the use of 70:20:10 methodology in the University’s offer and some best practices on Facilitator training, recognition and students’ engagement.

Innovating ILT session: Technology to boost your learning tech stack

Forum Partner, Stéphane Pineau, CEO of Training Orchestra gave a very interesting and compelling presentation about how participants could boost their learning tech stack and gain control over training operations by innovating ILT in order to ‘Train More with Less’. As a compliment to the LMS, the system helps organizations increase resource use, optimize session scheduling, and track and control costs in real time.

Artificial Intelligence’s value in Learning and Development

This standout session took an important look at AI – a major and global topic and asked the Corporate Universities represented, whose very essence it is challenge and implement business strategies, to reflect on how AI will radically alter the world of corporate learning in the years ahead.

Thanks to the experts speech, panel discussions, who debated at a strategic, semantic and philosophical level, breakout workshops, plenary session and the artistic impression, participants identified the enormous political and economic stakes of AI and its impact on business; identified where they stand today on it within L&D; what opportunities and risks there are and listed key opportunities and challenges carried by AI for their own Corporate University, finally creating an action plan to pave their own way in the new L&D landscape.

The AI Session was facilitated by Rafat Malik, Dean of Saudi Telecom, STC Academy from Saudi Arabia, who opened the floor to Mauricio Minas, Bradesco Executive Vice-President, to introduce the enormous political and economic stakes of AI and its impact on the business, answering the question ‘AI, What are we talking about?’ Mr Minas previously spoke on AI at the Davos Summit.

Members of the AI Panel discussed where we stand today in the implementation of AI in Corporate Universities and L&D, with testimonies from Amelie Villeneuve-Moore, UBS in Switzerland, Valeriia Zabolotna, Sberbank in Russia, Bambang Budiano, Telkom Indonesia and Mauricio Minas, Bradesco Brazil. During the discussion an amazing piece of art was created by talented artists summarising perfectly the various points raised by the panel.

Afterwards, all the attendees got involved in this discussion and debate during two workshops, one entitled ‘Artificial Intelligence and Assessment Games: new approach to adaptive learning’ led by Felipe Azevedo, CEO of LG lugar de gente from Brazil and a second ‘Limits and risks of AI’ by Victor Rosa Marinho de Queiroz, HR Director at Bradesco.

The debriefing of the workshop’s outcomes allowed to list the ideas and recommendations raised by the attendees. Artists illustrated the key points from the debriefing to create another impressive piece of art.

2019 GlobalCCU Award Winners Powwow

The GlobalCCU Award Winners were invited by Annick Renaud-Coulon to prepare a presentation of a remarkable, very original feature / nugget identified in their Award application, focusing on a keyword or sentence that would help their peers to progress.
In a studious, and at the same time, jubilant atmosphere, where attendees took turns to be the time keeper using loud musical instruments, the participants discovered common concerns despite their cultural differences, as well as emerging practices very much in line with societal developments. An extremely strong moment was shared by all!