They trust us at a global reach

Our clients

Many large companies from Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia, Marocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, USA have already benefited from our services, making GlobalCCU a community absolutely unique in the world and a major actor in the Corporate University industry worldwide. Sincere thanks to all these women and men with whom we work closely together for their loyalty and their trust !

Dr Kovaichelvan, Director of TVS-IQL, TVS Motor (India): ‘GlobalCCU is one of its kind with well-articulated maturity model for corporate universities with compliance, performance and excellence levels. This provides an excellent framework for evolution of corporate universities and deliver value to the clients system. The GlobalCCU community created recently provides opportunity for its members to network and learn from each other. India being one of the fastest growing economies, Indian companies becoming global, the offerings of GlobalCCU can provide a framework to create organizational capabilities to acquire competitive advantage.
With certification at compliance level during 2018 by GlobalCCU, TVS IQL become a recognized Corporate University. This enabled TVS IQL to offer powerful, strategic learning solutions to acquire competitive advantage. With performance level certification, TVS IQL is making significant impact on business performance of TVS Motor’.

Glaucimar Peticov, Executive Director and CCO – Chief Customer Officer at Bradesco Bank (Brazil): ‘Corporate Universities through education processes and training enables a universe of possibilities where we learn, share, reinvent ourselves and are always collaborating to build a better world that is in constant search of solutions. Technological, social and educational issues guide our agendas, just as new work perspectives of today will represent future transformations. I am sure that Corporate education has the power to help these challenges and GlobalCCU is one of the great stars of this process providing opportunities to develop global potential, technical and behavioral skills and making it clear that we can be even more effective if we think together and exchange ideas and practices’.

Dr Christopher Hardy, DAU (USA): ‘Over the years, the GlobalCCU alone has provided our Defense Acquisition University (DAU), and the entire Learning and development community with: Inspiration for the Future – People, Business, Society, & the Planet! Opportunities to think and inspire each other – Like nowhere else! World-wide total coverage – Truly international in perimeter, scope, scale! High quality, In-depth, probing, and insightful questions! Focus on the Corporate University’s end-to-end attributes and best practices! and, a Competition for Growth – Compete. All of which has helped DAU to become one of the best corporate universities in the world!’

David Li, SAP (China): ‘I liked and enjoyed to work with members from GlobalCCU, with innovative ways to discuss and discover the best practices from corporate universities along with the challenges and excitement in the keep changing world. The diversity and inclusion make this possible. I also believed, with the synergy from all the fantastic professionals, we are able to add values in this field’.

Danilo Garbazza, Petrobras (Brazil): ‘Participating in the Global CCU Awards is a unique opportunity for reflection and conducting a comprehensive diagnosis on the most relevant and trending topics in corporate education. As we prepared the content for the application, we gained a critical understanding of the areas where we are already well-positioned and those where we need to invest more and dedicate additional resources. When we think about this on a broader scale, we realize the potential for positive impact of this initiative, stimulating and directing improvements in the processes and projects of corporate universities worldwide. There is no doubt that all the issues addressed by the Global CCU are a reflection of the state of the art in corporate education worldwide. Winning the Global CCU Best Overall Gold Award 2023 for Petrobras University is a matter of great pride for our company’.

CEOs and Chairmen of leading global organisations support GlobalCCU

To be supported by the CEO or Chairman of their organisation is a key success factor for  Corporate University / Learning and Development structures. It is why GlobalCCU always invites CEOs from international companies to speak at its important events.
All the CEOs involved in our events have really encouraged and enlightened audiences with their inspiring speeches, reinforcing the legitimacy of these educational structure in their environment which create an undeniable accelerator effect for projects and processes. CEOs, who are the most important advocate of a Corporate University help to give it direction showing, the way to ambition, dreams, harmony, rigour, exemplariness, innovation and creative destruction. 

K. N. Radhakrishnan, CEO of TVS Motors, India, at the GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony in Bangalore on 17 May 2023

Pedro Guimaraes, CEO of Caixa Economica Federal (Brazil) at the 2021 GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony
Sergio Alonso, CEO Arcos Dorados, Latin America and Caribbean (Brazil) at the 2019 GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony
Octavio de Lazari Junior, CEO Banco Bradesco, CEO of Bradesco (Brazil) at the 2019 GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony
K. N. Radhakrishnan, CEO of TVS Motors displaying the certificate of the GlobalCCU CU Certification obtained by TVS-IQL in 2019 (India)
Christian Blanc, former CEO of Air France (France) at the 2017 GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony  
Bertrand Collomb, former CEO of Lafarge (France) at the 2015 GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony
Jan Mulfeit, Chairman Europe of Microsoft (Czechia) at the 2013 GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony
Henri Giscard d’Estaing, CEO of the Club Méditerranée (France) at the 2013 GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony
Henri Proglio former CEO of Veolia Environnement (France) at the 2008 GlobalCCU Forum

Our partners

Without them, GlobalCCU would not have had the same story. From 2008, Partners from different countries have helped us to reach our goals while we do our best to help them to reach theirs.
They are big Companies who desired to develop or reinforce their community involvement and give back, or to support the GlobalCCU vision and efforts to gather Corporate University professionals and allow them to learn from each other, or to shape the Corporate University profession to help our Society to face crucial issues on a global scale through Corporate Education.

They are consultancy firms, Associations, Business Schools, learning or IT providers and they want to develop or consolidate their brand awareness, to connect with the key decision-makers they need to have access to Corporate Education leaders worldwide, building relationships to grow their business. It is because they want to support our ideals and our efforts.

Alessandro Giuliani, Managing Director SDA Bocconi Asia Center (India): ‘at a very critical time like where we are today, GlobalCCU can play a very important role in society. Corporate Universities have a size and leadership status that can drive change globally. GlobalCCU has managed to gather many of the most important corporate universities on the same platform and community with a quite different cooperative attitude. This way successful experiences are shared to create larger impact. I was surprised by the extent of the impact of certain projects, and thrilled at the idea of how even much more they could impact if adopted by other members. The way Annick Renaud-Coulon has managed to put all this together with her vision and enthusiasm is a testament to the force of this organisation. It is a time of big social shifts, and needs of up-skilling of entire populations, GlobalCCU can really enable these changes and support these shifts’.

Dr Reshma Ravishanker, Founder and CEO of ThreeFish Consulting (India): ‘GlobalCCU is a truly global forum for corporate universities to learn and grow together. They are a premium, independent organization, committed to evidence-based practices. Annick Renaud-Coulon’s vision and passion for corporate learning organizations to share and learn together, and make a difference in the world, created this forum and continues to be the driving force. Annick’s work with corporate universities is unique and distinguished’.

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