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Corporate University Professionals, Chief Learning Officers, HR Directors, Directors of Development…

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The GloblaCCU Platform is a unique global online private social network entirely dedicated to Corporate University Professionals for helping them to optimise their performance, and showing their stakeholders that their corporate university or their internal learning structure creates real value!

Over 5 continents, multinational Companies from Angola, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Hondras, India, Indonesia, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Republic South Africa, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Togo, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA and Venezuela have already joined! Do the same!

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CU Certification   

Make your Corporate University recognized by its internal and external stakeholders.
Enter the CU Certification!     

The methodology, framework and process of the CU Certification have been conceived by Annick Renaud-Coulon, worldwide expert on Corporate Universities.

The CU Certification operated by GlobalCCU allows the organizations to certify that their educational structure

  • is a true Corporate University
  • challenges and implements the business strategies of the organization
  • challenges and implements the CSR of the organization

GlobalCCU Awards

The GlobalCCU Awards recognize the very best Corporate Universities that create value for People, Business and Society.

The winners of the GlobalCCU Awards 2013 selected by the Advisory & Judging Committee among candidates from 19 countries over 5 continents are: Best overall Corporate University DAU (USA) - Gold Award GAS NATURAL FENOSA (Spain) - Silver Award CAIXA ECONOMICA FEDERAL (Brazil) - Bronze Award

GlobalCCU Chapters        

A GlobalCCU Chapter is a local group of Corporate University Executives who exchange and work together in face-to-face and online meetings, on a regular basis to benchmark, exchange best practices and learn from one another, create and spread knowledge, innovate and optimise their own added value.

The GlobalCCU France Chapter started its activities on October 15, 2013.

For getting more information or for starting a GlobalCCU Chapter, please contact Annick Renaud-Coulon, at


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GlobalCCU must provide :

GlobalCCU, partner of some Corporate University events


Corporate Universities in the world



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  • The GlobalCCU France Chapter was launched with Michel Serres, who spoke on: How to teach and learn in the digital era? on October 15 in Paris.

    Annick Renaud-Coulon launching the GlobalCCU France Chapter

    Michel Serres, Philosopher, one of France's best-known intellectuals, Member of the French Academy and Professor at Stanford University, with Michel Eltchaninoff, philosopher, deputy editor-in-chief at Philosophie Magazine

  • Annick Renaud-Coulon spoked at Conitec 2013, the III Congresso Nacional de Inovação, Trabalho e Educação Corporativa on July 31 at Rio de Janeiro, on: Reinventing Corporate Education for matching vital People, Business and Society management issues.

    Annick Renaud-Coulon with Eleonora Jorge Ricardo, President of Anitec

  • DAU, Defense Acquisition University, the best overall Corporate University Gold Winner, organized a ceremony in front of the entire university for presenting the GlobalCCU Award.The trophy has been displayed in the Pentagon to all the senior leadership.


GlobalCCU organization

Past Events

  • GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony:
    13 March 2013 at Microsoft France Headquarters
    in Paris, France MORE >
  • Launch of CUCP at Groupama: March 2010
  • GlobalCCU Forum at Campus Veolia and
    at the Sorbonne
    MORE >


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