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  • Assess the level of maturity of your Corporate University;

  • Prove it performs and has influence as a must-have strategic partner;

  • Forge closer ties with the employees, clients, suppliers, and other business external stakeholders of your Company / Organisation, and present a determinant and influential argument to external stakeholders, particularly the ethical stock market indexes, non-financial rating Agencies, Governmental Organisations and NGOs, that your Company / Organisation is a truly responsible organisation.

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Benefit greatly from the GlobalCCU 2017
Worldwide Benchmarking Study

Challenge, benchmark and progress your Corporate University with this exceptional compilation of practical and inspiring content (500-pages), containing: 

  • 20 Corporate University overviews detailing their visions, ambitions, missions, key figures, photos of facilities, plus organisational structure, governance, branding, etc.
  • Some of their best and most innovative practices selected by GlobalCCU.
  • A key guide to actively using this benchmarking study.

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Prepare your team to submit for the next GlobalCCU Awards
scheduled to open
at the end of 2018!

GlobalCCU Forum 2017

2017 GlobalCCU Awards ceremony in Paris, France, celebrated all our distinguished award winners from around the world.

Thanks to the Partners of the GlobalCCU Forum 2017






Corporate Universities in the world

Corporate University is the generic name given to educational structures based in private and public, commercial and non-commercial Organisations to:

  • challenge and implement —through education— the Organisation's strategies in human, economic, financial, technological, communication, social, environmental and digitization terms
  • embody the identity, culture and brand of the Organisation for all its stakeholders

It is a space for applied education and applied strategies, where priority is given to teams, so that they can understand their company's characteristics, challenges, issues and take new paths that leave the beaten track and become true political instruments.

It’s a space for learning, thinking, sharing, creating, doing, mobilizing the collective intelligence; a structure of communication, debate and mediation; a space of applied education and applied strategies for serving the development the performance of People, Business and Society.

Annick Renaud-Coulon


GlobalCCU, the Global Council of Corporate Universities, is…

… the aggregator of Corporate Universities on a global scale! The unique global organisation highlighting and gathering Corporate University professionals worldwide, and shaping the Corporate University profession through GlobalCCU CU Certification and the GlobalCCU Forum and Awards.

Our focus is to provide:

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Press Room

  • The learning! 100 Awards 2017 honoured GlonalCCU with an Award in recognition of its excellent CU Certification programme. Il's great!

  • In the June/July issue of Elearning! magazine, Annick Renaud-Coulon cites her expert opinion on the challenges affecting globalized Corporate Universities and on the impact of nationalist trends that cannot undermine them.   More >

  • Great article in CLO Magazine about the Future of Corporate Universities in the Digital Disruption Age, by Annick Renaud-Coulon.  More >


  • Saynur Onen and Julia Menninga, GlobalCCU Advisory Board Members, both moved their job recently. Saynur is now HR Management and Development Director at Yildiz, Turkey, and Julia works at McCann UK as Director of the Corporate University.

Impacting Events

  • Uni Brad (Brazil), GlobalCCU Best overall Corporate University 2017 Gold Award winner, celebrated their outstanding achievement with the CEO of Banco Bradesco.

  • Igor Fernando Ferreira, McDonald’s – Arcos Dorados (Latin America) Best Corporate University - Leader of the Year 2017.

  • 2015 GlobalCCU Awards ceremony in Paris, France gathered Ambassadors, diplomats and journalists from across the globe to honour the award winning Corporate Universities.

  • UniBB (Brazil) GlobalCCU Best overall Corporate University 2017 Gold Award winner.
    Below UniBB had a stand at Conarh (Human Resources National Congress), the largest human resources event in Latin America and second in the world. Visitors learnt about the success of UniBB in the stand here in photo.

  • GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony 2013
    13 March 2013 at Microsoft France Headquarters in Paris, France MORE >

  • DAU, Defense Acquisition University, the best overall Corporate University Gold Winner 2013, organized a ceremony in front of the entire university for presenting the GlobalCCU Award.The trophy has been displayed in the Pentagon to all the senior leadership.

  • 2013 GlobalCCU Awards ceremony held at the Microsoft HQ in Paris, highlighted winners from outstanding Corporate Universities from five continents.

    GlobalCCU Forum at Campus Veolia and
    at the Sorbonne
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Sharing knowledge

Hugo Pena Brandão, Executive Manager of Banco do Brasil Corporate University (UniBB) welcomed Annick Renaud-Coulon in Brasilia on 17 and 18 March 2016 for filming video lessons for the UniBB Portal.