Membership Community

2022 programme

Launched on 22 February 2022 with enthusiasm and joy, the first annual programme was stopped due to geopolitics. It was very disappointing, however, we turned it into an opportunity to strengthen our ties and collaborations for the benefit of many. We decided to launch a benchmarking journey starting with a masterclass and followed by six benchmarking sessions, co-created and facilitated by the following six Corporate Universities :

Each Corporate University introduced their Organisation, presented a storytelling from the creation of their Corporate University to the present day and their learning & development structure according to the GlobalCCU CU Certification Compliance level basis of reference :

  • Strategic positioning
  • Management and organisation
  • Communication, marketing and branding
  • Production

After a presentation of their current issues and challenges, they addressed their ‘I need / I can help’ points for a debate between the members to identify the solutions that could be found inside the Membership Community.