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Create value for People,

Business, Society and the Planet

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The #1 truly global Corporate University and Learning & Development Forum,

the GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony
and GlobalCCU Forum,

have been organised for the first time in Asia,
in Bangalore, India
on 17, 18 and 19 May 2023!

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GlobalCCU CU Certification

Take your Corporate University towards excellence with the GlobalCCU CU Certification.

GlobalCCU Awards & Forums

Inspire your peers & highlight your Corporate University worldwide with the GlobalCCU Awards and through the GlobalCCU Forum.

GlobalCCU Membership Community

Benchmark and go forward with your peers thanks to the GlobalCCU Membership Community.

GlobalCCU Branding Certification

Assess and effectively develop a respected Corporate University brand with the GlobalCCU Branding Certif ication

GlobalCCU Masterclasses

Learn how to drive the efficiency and durability of your corporate University with the GlobalCCU Masterclasses.

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About us

GlobalCCU, the Global Council of Corporate Universities, created in 2005, is the aggregator of Corporate Universities on a global scale, the observatory of the Corporate University Industry, a factory for strategists, a rewarding and highlighting organisation


The GlobalCCU Award winners

Give all our 2023 winners a round of applause!
The GlobalCCU Award winners
Give all our 2023 winners a round of applause!

The GlobalCCU Award winners

Give all our 2023 winners a round of applause!

Detailed programme of the 2023 GlobalCCU Forum


We are thrilled to announce the names of the finalists of the 2023 GlobalCCU Awards!

After individual and trinominial assessments followed by four rounds of deliberations in plenary sessions, the Adivsory and Judging Committee of the ...



GlobalCCU Forums are amazing and inspiring global learning events that, physically and / or remotely ...


The 2023 GlobalCCU Awards winners celebrated the 10-year anniversary of our worldwide contest! What ...

Membership Community

The second annual programme of the GlobalCCU Membership Community will be launch on 19 May during th ...

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