GlobalCCU Membership Community: a dynamic task force prepares ‘People and Culture’ topics

to be addressed during the first best practice workshop on 14 December

Corporate Universities are historically focused on People and Culture to help ensure that all employees consider themselves to be integrated into the Company / Organisation throughout their working lives, that is never definitive and does not concern only new hires. It is the greatest interest for Organisations to have loyal employees, involved in the challenges to be met and bringing effective support in seizing development opportunities and so on.

This People and Culture journey is very challenging, despite, or because, there are powerful ways of linking people together in the Internet age and collaborative working. More than ever before, in times of growing individualism and disinterest for common good encouraged by digital mindsets and devices, we need humanity in the working world.

Work has begun within this first task force to debate what is at stake, how the two topics are crucial and interdependent and to identify what people management and culture solutions Corporate Universities have already delivered, across different continents.

After having selected the most inspiring and innovative best practice nuggets from the members, the task force is preparing a very valuable three hour online plenary event that will be kindly hosted online by Valer (Corporate University at Vale, Brazil) on 14 December.

The purpose is to learn from the experiences of each other, to nurture the strategy and the management of their own Corporate University, to evaluate, through discussion and debates in a trustful environment, the opportunity, or not, to implement these best practises in their own context. In a nutshell, to shape their own future!

Dates for the diary in December:

  • 14 December, first best practice workshop online plenary event on People and Culture
  • 19 December, launch of the second task force on Business and Technologies