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The GlobalCCU Awards

The GlobalCCU Awards is a unique and truly global contest that recognise the very best Corporate Universities / Academies / Centres for Excellence / Learning & Development structures which have performed at the highest level of excellence, in their context, and have created value for People, Business, Society and the Planet.

They take place every two years. Submissions for the 2025 GlobalCCU Awards will open in October 2024, with a Ceremony in May 2025.

  • Learn more about yourselves and grow
  • Develop your influence as a must-have strategic partner
  • Inspire your peers and be benchmarked
  • Motivate your Corporate University team and attract new talents
  • Strengthen your communication skills toward your stakeholders
  • Highlight your Corporate University and your Corporate Brand worldwide with the GlobalCCU Award!

Beginning in 2013, the GlobalCCU Awards are the only truly worldwide Awards contest in the Corporate University field. DAU, Defense Acquisition University (USA) won the Best overall Gold Award in 2013, UniBB – Banco do Brasil in 2015, Unibrad – Unibrad, Bradesco (Brasil) 2017, PT Telkom Corporate University (Indonesia) in 2019, Russian Railways Corporate University (Russia) in 2021 and Petrobras University (Brazil) in 2023.

Learn more about the amazing story started in 2013:

What makes the GlobalCCU Awards a must have?

  • To receive a host of tangible advantages:
    • Recognition at the GlobalCCU Award ceremony announcing the outcomes of the contest
    • A stunning engraved trophy
    • Feedback on your winning application from the judges
    • Inclusion in GlobalCCU media releases announcing the winners translated in English, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Indonesian, Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Turkish, sent to journalists in twelve major countries in the world
    • Unlimited use of a GlobalCCU Awards winner digital
    • Recognition on the GlobalCCU website and the GlobalCCU Platform
    • Recognition on LinkedIn and Youtube
  • To prove your creation of value to your governance authorities and your client system
  • To be highlighted at the GlobalCCU Forum Winners Powwow organised after the Awards Ceremony
  • To join the happy few winners rewarded since 2013 !

How does it work ?

  • The contest is organised every two years since 2013
  • The GlobalCCU Awards have guiding principles to be respected by the Organisation candidates and the judges.
    • The GlobalCCU Awards do not disparage organisations, persons, cultures.
    • The GlobalCCU Awards are open to organisations whether they are rich or poor, developed or not, belong to a multinational or small, private or public organisation that commit to respect the GlobalCCU principles and guidelines.
    • The names of the candidates are not communicated except in the finalist list
    • Commercial organisations which have a primary activity to sell learning services to clients will not be considered as applicants.
    • The GlobalCCU Awards are founded on the loyal declaration of applicants as well as on loyal testimonies from some of their Corporate University stakeholders.
    • Winners commit to participate personally in the Ceremony and in the Winners Powwow to share their experience with other participants.
    • The Corporate Universities of the Advisory and Judging committee members may participate in the GlobalCCU Awards but the member cannot judge his / her own company.
    • Best Overall Corporate University Gold Award winners cannot submit in the awards for the next three awards campaigns.
    • The Media, financial and operational partners have no authority over the decision-making process and results.
  • The applications are assessed by the GlobalCCU Awards Advisory and Judging Committee composed of Corporate University executives selected with respect to their high expertise in the field of Learning and Development and Corporate Universities from all continents. They names are not communicated to avoid any pressure on them.
    • They work together during several weeks remotely, with the guidance of the GlobalCCU Coordinator, to assess and deliberate under the responsibility of the Chairman of GlobalCCU who presides over this governance authority.
    • Applications are distributed to the different judges of the Advisory and Judging Committee by the president of the contest. Each application is handled by three judges for cross examining the assessments and avoiding iniquity.
    • A consolidation of the results is made among all the judges who deliberate and decide on the names of the winners from the list of the finalists. In case of conflict, it is the president of the awards, and the representatives of the previous Best overall gold award winners, who make the final decision.
  • The judges must respect the Advisory and Judging Committee Code of conduct:
    • They are not paid to undertake their role in order to respect the ethical basic rules in this kind of responsibility.
    • Judges commit to respect integrity and independence, diligence and impartiality, and the avoidance of impropriety or even its appearance. Judges undertake confidentiality concerning Jury deliberations. They have signed an NDA.
    • They commit to pursue the GlobalCCU Awards guidelines, which if not respected, will lead to the disqualification from the A&J Committee.
    • They commit to participate actively in the process and not be sleeping partners. In case one of them should have to leave the process, the president should be obliged to recruit another member to replace him or her.
  • The finalist names are announced four or five weeks before the Awards Ceremony. The list is shared directly with the finalists and posted on the GlobalCCU website, the GlobalCCU Platform and its social media networks.
  • The winners are announced during the prestigious GlobalCCU Award ceremony, a hybrid face-to-face and virtual event, accommodating those who cannot travel. The Award Ceremony takes place during the GlobalCCU Forum, attended by the winners, CEOs, VIPs, diplomats and journalists.

The GlobalCCU Forum

The GlobalCCU Forum is an amazing, inspiring global learning event that brings together worldwide Corporate University practitioners to meet face- to-face, to share experiences and projects, to foster a corpus of industry- specific knowledge and to enhance their personal global network.
Every GlobalCCU Forum is based on a main theme : The role of Corporate Education in fighting climate change and L&D innovations and EdTech that fascinate, as much as worry explored in 2023, ‘Artificial Intelligence’s value in L&D’ explored in 2019, ‘Resilience and soft power of Corporate universities” in 2021, ‘The role of Corporate Education in fighting climate change and ‘L&D innovations that fascinate and worry’.

Participants gather together for three days of intensive work within a seminar format (following pedagogical goals, evaluating them, etc.). They work in conjunction with the most relevant speakers and have the opportunity to learn a lot from our experienced Partners.

The Forum programme includes the GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony, learning from the best practices of the winners at the Powwow Session, a Partner suite, live benchmarking tours of outstanding Corporate Universities, plenary presentations, workshops, experimental learning sessions and networking opportunities within a fun and convivial club atmosphere.

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