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Learn how to drive your Corporate University/L&D structure with our expertise sharing GlobalCCU Masterclasses, to make it more

powerful and influential for your internal and external stakeholders,
• efficient and performant for your client system,
• innovative and attractive for its beneficiaries,
• agile and durable for your governance authorities and your team

Be equipped with renowned and extensive Corporate University knowledge and the latest know-how recognised internationally, by actively participating in online Masterclasses designed and delivered by world-class Corporate University learning authorities under the leadership of Annick Renaud-Coulon.

Enroll in our final Masterclass of this programme
on 2 July 2024!

on the theme:

Mastering AI’s impact on your Corporate University

The democratisation of the Internet 20 years ago, the arrival of smartphones 10 years ago, the blockchain and the metaverse in the last few years, and more recently Generative Artificial Intelligence with ChatGPT-4o among many other applications, shifts everything, our certainties, our convictions and our practices! The technological shock is global. Generative AI fascinates and worries us and, we believe, will have considerable consequences for Corporate Universities and L&D structures. These are not just tools. It is a revolution!

This challenging Masterclass will give you the insight to help you better explore and implement AI as a great support for Corporate Universities to achieve their goals and enhance their efficiency.

What makes this masterclass a must have?

At the end of the Masterclass, you will have:

  • Positioned AI/GAI in the history of technologies and their continuous evolution. 
  • Clarified AI / GAI wording.
  • Discovered what is at stake for Corporate Universities with Generative Artificial Intelligence, advantages and risks.
  • Identified the ongoing GAI disruption with its main development, for what purposes in:
    • Pedagogy
    • Marketing and branding
    • Communication with their stakeholders
    • Administration tasks and evaluation of their performance.
  • Gathered powerful ideas and tips to help you better explore and implement GAI as a great support for achieving your goals, without losing sight of your essential mission to make the company ever more human.
  • Identify the essential role to be played by Corporate Universities to create value for People, Business, Society and the Planet in this context.

Reserve your seat for 2 July at 4pm – 7pm CET


Other Masterclass themes

Evolving your Corporate University Strategic Positioning

The Corporate University’s strategic positioning is like the keel of a boat, invisible and at the same time essential to navigate in all weathers, to make the educational structure powerful, trustable and, therefore, durable. It is a mental construction and a wording that instils a promise.
Indeed, it is not enough to develop a remarkable, intelligent offer, equipped with modern learning and communication technologies, to have a high-performance Corporate University. Designating the vision, ambitions and missions of the Corporate University allows its stakeholders to understand the purpose and the principles of action it serves, which are the basis of the engagement of people.
Benefit from our unique and outstanding knowledge and experience on how the strategic positioning of a Corporate University is essential for the team itself and its client-system and how and why it is important to define and communicate it.

What makes this masterclass a must have?

At the end of the Masterclass, you will have:

  • Identified what the Corporate University Strategic Positioning is.
  • Identified the role a Corporate University must be able to play to be a true and efficient Corporate University: a true major influencial, strategic and operational role inside and outside the Organisation.
  • Envisaged the construction or the rewriting of the strategic positioning of your Corporate University as a system driving delivery and assessment of the creation of value of the Corporate University.
  • Learnt how to evolve the strategic positioning of a Corporate University in the digital era.
  • Been prepared for the GlobalCCU CU Compliance Certification by being equipped with the bases of reference aligned with this Compliance Certification criteria, allowing you to prepare for this future step if you wish.

Branding your Corporate University like a business

The Corporate University brand is a delicate asset that can be created, developed, managed, influenced, but can rarely be bought or sold. It does not only belong to those who run the educational structure. It is the sum of all that is known, thought, felt and perceived about it; the total addition of all human experiences, perceptions and feelings about it; the addition of all visible and invisible attributes and characteristics, intended or not; the idea of the Corporate University that resides in mind of its stakeholders that it is created, named, used on different resources.

Learn from GlobalCCU’s twenty years’ experience to increase your awareness of the importance of an effective Corporate University brand for your stakeholders, that is more than a logo, a motto or a graphic chart, and benefit from a unique and large benchmark in this field with many examples from around the world.

What makes this masterclass a must have?

At the end of this Masterclass, you will have:

  • Identified what a Corporate University brand is and its visible and invisible components
  • Identified why it is essential for a Corporate University to have a strong brand, very well managed and assessed
  • A basis of reference to help you to manage your Corporate University branding journey.

Who will participate?

Our Masterclasses are suitable for senior L&D practitioners, C-Suite executives, Corporate University directors, CHROs, Organisation Development managers, etc. Our Masterclasses are not open to learning providers or consultants.

What are the take-aways ?

To encourage reflection and to help participants revisit and consider the implications of the thought-provoking content for their own L&D structure, GlobalCCU will share a presentation based on that used during the Masterclass, and, depending on the theme, will suggest source references. Participants in three Masterclasses will receive a GlobalCCU certificate of participation by email.

How to proceed?

  1. Check your eligibility, as Masterclasses are not open to consultants or learning providers.
  2. Decide how many people from your organisation will participate, this is the number of e-passes you will need to purchase.
  3. Click on the button RESERVE above and download the enrollment form. A representative from the Corporate University should complete it indicating the number of e-passes required in total. Please email the completed form to us at
  4. Once the completed form is received by GlobalCCU, you will receive an email confirmation and an invoice. We will also ask you to send the names and contact details of the participants. Please ensure we receive the names and email addresses of those joining each Masterclass one week before it takes place.
  5. On receiving the payment, the representative will receive the Teams links for the relevant Masterclasses to be distributed to the participants.

Budget for Masterclasses

Cost of one e-pass for one Masterclass per person (VAT excl.)

Cost per e-pass
1-3 e-passes400 €
4-9 e-passes350 €
10+ e-passes325 €

In-house Masterclasses

Masterclass themes are also available to be delivered as a private, in-house, interactive experience for up to ten participants from the same company.
Each Masterclass is delivered through six-hours of online sessions organised over a week period on a date that suits you and the team best.
To plan your in-house Masterclass and to know more about the price, please contact us at and we will be pleased to arrange a short web-meeting to discuss your needs.

Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

  • To respect the intellectual property of the masterclass supports, and the non-transfer in part or wholly of them to third parties, internally or externally.
  • To accept that our Masterclasses are an expertise sharing journey and not a training or consultancy process.
  • To be eligible for this service that is not available to learning providers and consultants.
  • To keep within the time constraint, for the organisation of the Masterclass with the GlobalCCU expert.
  • To enable us to onboard you in time, please ensure your seat is booked by your representative one week before the class.

Terms and means of payment

  • Payment of your invoice by bank transfer or by Credit Card via our Virtual Electronic Payment terminal (3% commission to add). Bank charges and change costs must be made at the sender’s expense. VAT information: 20% VAT applicable for companies based in France.
  • Enrollments without payment will not be processed.

Cancellation, refund

  • No purchase fees will be refunded for in-house Masterclasses, except for reasons of force majeure.
  • For other Masterclasses (other than in-house) it is possible to change the name of the participants from your company up to 24 hours before the class is due to begin, therefore, no purchase fees will be refunded.
  • A minimum number of participants are required for each Masterclass theme. If this is number is not met at least two weeks before the event, the class will be postponed or cancelled. Refunds are offered only if no more Masterclass dates are available.

For more information, please contact us at:

Please complete ONE Enrollment form per Company. We will ask you to send the names and contact details of the participants by email

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