GlobalCCU CU Certification

Take your Corporate University towards excellence with the GlobalCCU CU Certification

Be recognised as the owner of a true, performant and influential Corporate University challenging and implementing the business strategies and embodying the Corporate culture or your Organisation, a strategic and operational lever to solve real problems or seize opportunities of development of your Organisation.

GlobalCCU CU Certification is the way to excellence for Corporate Universities, a learning and improving journey, the highest global recognition of the existence, the reliability, and the level of maturity, of performance and excellence of a Corporate University, delivered at the end of a deep and gradual assessment process by renowned experts.

  • Assess how your Corporate University is a true corporate university (is different from a training department) and a powerful and influential strategic partner for your internal and external stakeholders, creating value for People, Business, and Society and the Planet in an increasingly complex world and in moving ecosystems
  • Evaluate how it is efficient and performant for your customer system, modern and attractive for its beneficiaries, agile and durable for your governance authorities
  • Measure how it is strongly committed to implement the Corporate social and ecological responsibility commitments of your Organisation

What makes the GlobalCCU CU Certification a must have?

  • To benefit from an outstanding and unique knowledge and experience worldwide of working more than twenty years in the Corporate University field.
  • To benefit from a very strategic approach based on a vision, values and guidelines, and international standards, regularly adapted within the Corporate University environment evolution, enabling your Corporate University to enhance its performance and its communication.
  • To be provided with a Certification Review Report containing the evaluation of the criteria and the conclusions of the audit, or with an enhanced Review Report including recommendations for the future and next strategic plan.

GlobalCCU is one of its kind with well articulated maturity model for corporate universities with compliance, performance and excellence levels. This provides an excellent framework for evolution of corporate universities and deliver value to the clients system.

We have learnt about clear distinction between ‘traditional learning centre’ and ‘corporate university’ based on Annick’s research and charters of GlobalCCU. Traditional learning centre focus on ‘Career path, Induction-security-wellness, Individual efficiency & professionalism, Employability. The Corporate University need to focus on Cultural capabilities, Collective capabilities, Business strategies (this is also about capabilities), Sustainability. While the traditional learning centre focus on individuals and competence, the corporate university focus on capability at an organisational level. This was the focus of HR and Learning centre prior to our association with GlobalCCU but got reinforced with our certification’.

Dr Kovailchelvan, Director of TVS – IQL, TVS Motor (India),

Corporate University certified by GlobalCCU

How does it work?

There are three certification levels interlinked that have to take in ascending order:

1 – Compliance level presents

What your learning structure has and does to be considered a true Corporate University.

2 – Performance level presents

How it challenges and implements the business strategies and unites around the corporate culture and brand.

3 – Excellence level presents

What your Corporate University does and how within Social and Environmental Corporate Responsibility.

  • The three levels must be undertaken in ascending order; however, it is not mandatory to complete the three levels. Depending on the maturity of your Corporate University and the activity sector(s) of your parent Organisation, you can apply for the Corporate University Compliance and stop there. You can continue to Performance level and stop there, or you can complete the Certification journey with the Excellence level.
  • The certificates are valid until the third anniversary of the announcement of the success. Renewal for the Compliance is not requested for the Corporate Universities certified at the Performance level.
  • The GlobalCCU CU Certification is operated by a high-level pool of auditors (accredited by the Certification Body, Chairman of Univencis, in charge of accrediting the Body of Auditors and to issue the certificates)
    • all former Corporate University Executives (and not by your peers or by volunteers),
    • recruited for their high-level professional experience, background and personal skill,
    • accredited on their understanding of the GlobalCCU common frame of reference and specifications to be used worldwide,
    • having signed an agreement to consciously respect the GlobalCCU Code of Conduct and especially confidentiality, secrecy, impartiality, loyalty, respect of people and clients.
    • paid for their work
    • available to fully support you throughout the Certification journey

How to proceed?

Check if you are eligible:

  • Are you a distinct Unit within the Organisation, with own identity, staff, budget and to be situated at the Corporate level?
  • Do you serve the business strategies, the culture, the identity and the brand of your Organisation?
  • Do you drive to improve the overall performance of the Corporate University given the outputs of the journey?
  • Do you provide services to external non-clients of your Organisation for money or no more than 30% of its activities?

If yes, please request the GlobalCCU CU Certification Registration form

Email us at: and indicate:

  • Your name, family name, email address and phone number.
  • The name of your Company / Organisation.
  • The URL company website. 
  • Why you are interested by the GlobalCCU CU Certification, with a brief description of your Corporate University or your Learning and Development structure.
  • When you would like to start the GlobalCCU CU Certification eligibility stage.

When we receive your email,

  • We setup a web meeting to explain the process further.
  • we send you an agreement and an invoice for the eligibility stage.
  • Once the signed agreement and payment are received, we will send you the eligibility questionnaire for you to complete. If you are eligible, your journey towards excellence begins!

An online or a blended process

  • e-Kick-Off meeting: four web meetings during 1 week to present the Certification Handbook containing the GlobalCCU Framework of reference
  • Guided self-assessment to write the Certification Master Document: Two one & a half-hour e-coaching meetings during 3 to 6 months depending on the Certification level
  • On-site review (Three days) or Online review (Four half days /12 hours)
  • Deliberation of the auditors and announcement of the outcomes
  • Standard Review Report:
    • The certification audit progress
    • The evaluation of the criteria
    • The conclusions
  • OR Premium Review Report
    • Executive Summary
    • The certification audit progress
    • A deep evaluation of the criteria
    • The conclusions
    • The recommendations for the next strategic plan
  • Upgrading the Certification Master Document
  • Communication plan


For the eligibility stage: 3 000 € (1 500 € for the GlobalCCU Awards winners of the two previous contests). All information on the total budget is available on demand.

Terms and Conditions

General conditions

  • To accept our general conditions, especially the intellectual property of the documents, and the non-transfer in part or wholly of them to third parties, internally or externally.
  • To be eligible to this service that is not available to learning providers and consultants.
  • To commit to make this assessment journey strictly available for internal use only by authorised users who accept our conditions not to reproduce, distribute or transmit in part or wholly the content of handbooks, the Master Documents and the review reports, in any form or by any means, inside or outside the organisation and particularly on the Internet.
  • To set-up an internal Project team to work with the auditors to prepare the replies to the questions in the Master Document, and the evidence required by the Assessment Body: pictures, documents, videos for the on-site review.
  • To keep within the time constraints, for the organisation of the e-kick-off meeting, the e-coaching meetings with the GlobalCCU auditors, the completion of the written Master Document and the preparation of the on-site review.
  • To accept the assessment process, and the decisions of Univencis / GlobalCCU with respect to the assessment done by the Assessment Body.

Terms and means of payment

Pay your invoice by bank transfer or by Credit Card via our Virtual Electronic Payment terminal. (3% commission to add). Bank charges and change costs must be made at the sender’s expense. VAT information: 20% VAT applicable for the Companies based in France.

Cancellation, refund

No refund can be made, and no cause of refund can be invoked.

For more information

To learn more about the offer or to discuss in more detail about the GlobalCCU CU CERTIFICATION, please email us:

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Take your Corporate University towards excellence with the GlobalCCU CU Certification.

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