2023 GlobalCCU Forum in Bangalore

the #1 truly global Corporate University and Learning & Development Forum has been organised for the first time in India on 17, 18 and 19 ...


2019 GlobalCCU Forum in Sao Paulo - Hamburger University

Forum Partner, Carreira Bistro, led by Dayse Gomes, CEO, offered a very interactive welcome to the 2019 GlobalCCU Forum.


2019 GlobalCCU Forum in Sao Paulo - Academia Santander

Launched in 2016, Academia Santander is a Corporate University that aims to develop people to reinvent the way of being and doing banking


2019 GlobalCCU Forum in Sao Paulo - Unibrad

Bradesco Corporate University, launched in 2013, was created from a solid training structure that accumulated the experience of more than 40 years


Previous GlobalCCU Forums

Among the GlobalCCU Forums organised, the 2008 GlobalCCU Forum was the real starting point of our organization