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Chairwoman’s bio and note

It has been my passion and work for almost 20 years to gather together Corporate University professionals from across the world and ultimately helping to shape the future of our profession. GlobalCCU is truly the unique global community of Corporate University peers, and our motto, Beyond borders, beyond cultures, beyond continents, create value for People, Business, Society and the Planet is more relevant than ever.
Our international, apolitical and universalist (in the sense of loyalty to and concern for others without regard to national or other allegiances) organisation, respecting people and the diversity of cultures, was founded on the conviction that it is essential for those in charge of Corporate Education / Learning and Development to discuss about their practices, experiences, questions and their doubts in order to improve their performance and to shape the future of Corporate Universities together. These have proven to be powerful levers for action in developing effective solutions to the structural issues of our contemporary societies. They are also important spaces for enlightened education for judgement and thinking that can help people understand our human and environmental interdependence around the world.  
Just like Olympism or scientific research, we have always affirmed our conviction to disregard geopolitics, bringing together citizens from countries in open or latent conflict in the most unlikely of ways, and it has always been, for the people gathered, great moments of humanity and even joy. We have forged bonds of trust and friendship that will last forever, regardless of the vagaries of history, with citizens from everywhere. 

Annick Renaud-Coulon
Founder and Chairman of GlobalCCU

Annick Renaud-Coulon’s Biography

Worldwide Expert on Corporate Universities
Founder and Chairman of GlobalCCU, the Global Council of Corporate Universities
President of Univencis

  • The Annick’ s never ending story with Corporate Universities started in 2000-2001, when she conducted an extensive survey on Corporate Universities, entitled: “Corporate Universities, Corporate institutes, inter-national comparison and evaluation». A first for the industry, Annick’s work culminated in this depth-study that presented the phenomenon of corporate universities from around the world: a 800 pages book in 3 volumes, on which she worked for a year and a half full time, travelling around the world to visit numerous corporate universities in United-States, Canada, India, South Korea, China, Europe, etc.
  • In 2002, she launched The European Club of Corporate Universities, bringing together Corporate University professionals in a convivial and efficient network. More than 70 multinational companies participated in this community of practices which was transformed in a GlobalCCU Chapter in 2013.
  • In May 2002, based on her research, she developed a concept of Corporate Universities of new generation that she presented in her book entitled: “Universités d’entreprise, Vers une mondialisation de l’intelligence“. Pearson Education, Village Mondial Editions.
  • In 2005, with a handful of Corporate University Directors coming from Brazil, USA, Spain and France, she launched GlobalCCUthe Global Council of Corporate Universities.
  • In 2008, she organised the GlobalCCU Forum, the first truly global event on Corporate Universities in France at Campus Veolia Environnement, and at the Sorbonne University in Paris gathering around the theme: Make your Corporate University a lever of your Corporate Responsibility.

The event was supported by the United Nations Global Compact in New York. For this event, she written her latest book entitled: “Corporate Universities, a lever of Corporate Responsibility“, Global CCU Publisher, 2008, in which she presents her business case on Corporate Responsibility through Corporate Learning and Development.

  • In 2010, she launched the GlobalCCU Platform, a social network allowing executives of corporate universities to collaborate effectively remotely with their peers worldwide; – to help one another, to create knowledge together, to exchange best practices, to advance the profession towards more strategic responsibilities and visibility. CLOs, Directors of Corporate Universities, Learning and Development managers of very prestigious companies and Institutions – from over 50 countries, 5 continents – have requested to join the GlobalCCU Platform. This makes GlobalCCU, a major actor in the Corporate University industry worldwide.
  • In 2012, she launched the GlobalCCU Awards recognizing the very best Corporate Universities / Academies / Learning & Development structures at the global scale that create strategic value for Business, People, Society and the Planet.
  • In 2013, she launched the GlobalCCU CU Certification, the highest global recognition of the existence, the reliability, and the level of maturity, of performance and excellence of a Corporate University delivered at the end of a deep and gradual assessment process by renowned experts.
  • Annick Renaud-Coulon is regularly invited as a keynote speaker in conferences at international events on Corporate Universities and learning, among them: Berlin in 2018, 2017, Amsterdam in 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 at the Corporate University and Academy Fleming Summit; Istanbul in June 2014 at Bilgi Üniversitesi; Conitec in Rio de Janeiro in 2013; CLO Summit India in Mumbai in 2010; European Club for Human Resources seminar in June 2008 in Malta; WACUC meeting in Washington DC in 2005; Symposium of the Presidents of the University of Québec in Montréal in 2005; at the Conference organised by the Algerian Government in November 2005 in Oran; Global Corporate University Week in 2003 at Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida in 2004.
  • She participated in the creation of the CUBIC Awards (Corporate University Best In Class) in United-States, to honor, recognise and promote corporate universities that presented best practices in the world and was part of the board of juries (the only non-American member) from 2002 to 2004.
  • She participated in the writing of two American collective books under the direction of Mark Allen: “The Next Generation of Corporate Universities” (Pfeiffer – 2007) and the “Handbook of Corporate Universities“, Amacom Press, May 2002. She also participated in an article edited by McGee, Philip (2006) in The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning. Corporate Universities: Competitors or Collaborators?
  • She advises Organisations ascribed with the design and construction of their corporate university or with to re-dynamization of their corporate university.
  • She wrote several books in french among them La désorganisation competitive, Editions Maxima, La délégation de pouvoir, Editions Dunod.
  • She began her professional life in the industrial sector as a training manager.
  • She was visitor professor at Senghor University of Alexandria French in Egypt, from 1993 to 1996.
  • Annick Renaud-Coulon received the National Order of Merit at the rank of Knight, on 18 September 2008. She received her decoration from the Advisor for Higher Education and Research to the French President, at a private ceremony held at The Senate in Paris. The honour is given in recognition of Annick’s passionate work within the field of Corporate Education.

Annick Renaud-Coulon’s bibliography

Corporate Universities
A lever of Corporate Responsibility

GlobalCCU Publisher, 2008,
ISBN 978-2-9531667-0-5

The book’s primary aim is to help companies understand how their corporate university can play an active part in using societal responsibility as a governance and management tool.

Corporate Universities have reached a critical point in their development. These self-appointed “universities” – educational structures within major private and public corporations – are spreading on a global scale. Their initial purpose was to provide employees with a broad range of skills and help companies implement their business strategies. Today, this original mission is still vitally important, but they cannot remain detached from the major issues and the guiding principles that govern contemporary society. Corporate Universities have become more influential and have branched out into other activities, one of which is extremely important – the development of Corporate Responsibility.

The laudable principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, and Corporate Citizenship have been knitted together by ideologists, companies, international organizations, and civil society. However, these fine and intelligent principles are only worthy if they leave the drawing board! Corporate responsibility isn’t something that can be bought in a supermarket – it has always been something that needs to be learnt and put into practice.

The author invites companies to make their Corporate University a lever of their corporate responsibility. It is not only a question of fashion or of image. It is a question of ethics. It is also a question of global regulation. It is urgent to help directors of education and sustainable development and social responsibility officers to work together, with internal and external stakeholders, in order to ensure that corporate responsibility becomes a true leadership tool.

Universités d’entreprise
Vers une mondialisation de l’intelligence

Editions Village Mondial – 2002
ISBN 2-84211-189-3

Contribution to two collective books

Under the direction of Mark Allen, Ph.D., Pepperdine University, California, USA

The next generation of corporate universities

Innovative Approaches for Developing People and Expanding Organizational Capabilities
Editions Pfeiffer & Co – 2007
ISBN 0787986550

The Corporate University Handbook

Designing, Managing, and Growing a Successful Program, 2002
ISBN: 0814407110

Our vision

To be the renown Hub of Corporate Universities / Academies / Centres for Excellence around the world

Our ambition

To help Corporate Universities / Academies / Centres for Excellence to create strategic value for People, Business, Society and the Planet

Our values and guiding principles

Beyond borders, continents and cultures, GlobalCCU defends humanist values as well as pragmatic principles of action

A human and intellectual venture worldwide

An amazing story started from scratch in 2005 to a strong brand installed at global reach


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Chairwoman’s bio and note

It has been my passion and work for almost 20 years to gather together Corporate University professionals from across the world and ultimately he ...