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A story and a culture

Based on the vision and strong convictions of Annick Renaud-Coulon, GlobalCCU is born during a kick-off meeting held in 2005 near Paris with a handful of Corporate University Directors coming from Brazil, USA, Spain and France.


At the close of this first meeting, the vision, ambitions, guiding principles and main activities of GlobalCCU were determined.
The vision was to create the University of corporate universities, a Global Forum for collaborative learning to learn from each other at the global scale; a membership organisation that will create, share and evolve a body of collective knowledge on corporate universities immediately useful for its members; an influential network able to advance the phenomenon of Corporate Universities as new instruments of education to solve more and more being called upon to act in zones of competency beyond those of the organizations which finance them.


The legal structure was created and the Advisory Board consisting of Executive Directors of Corporate Universities from five continents established.


How to create a worldwide network from scratch? By the organisation of the first GlobalCCU Forum in 2008 at the Veolia Environment Campus and at the Sorbonne University in and around Paris, France.

I like challenges and the success of the European Club of Corporate Universities has naturally driven me to imagine a larger scale network in response to the needs of Corporate University professionals with whom I have been working with for many years. As companies become more and more global, these professionals are faced with redesigning their learning policies and learning organisation in order to fit with the different cultures in which they now find themselves in. In response to this, I have been working on a project since 2004. It is a long story which is accomplished in the creation of GlobalCCU (Global Council of Corporate Universities). What an outcome! The 2008 GlobalCCU Forum is the launch pad of this global network idea”. Annick Renaud-Coulon

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GlobalCCU gathered companies and speakers from five continents over three days. Participants shared their high-level experience, their questions, their doubts and worked together on around a cutting-edge theme, in a seminar approach instead of a congress as you may normally encounter at other events. In an invaluable exchange of ideas and expertise, members from 24 countries from five continents gathered in Paris to debate on the main topic was: How to make their Corporate Universities a lever of Corporate Responsibility.
The GlobalCCU Forum received the support of the Global Compact of United Nations, NY Office.


In response to the request of attendees to set up a second GlobalCCU Forum in 2009, and in addition to the events of the global economic crisis, GlobalCCU launched the Corporate University Community Platform, its on-line social network held at Groupama headquarters, in France.

Since its launch, Learning and Development professionals from all these countries below required to access to the GlobalCCU Platform, our complementary online community:

Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela.


It is the year where the GlobalCCU Awards project was launched and announced on 15 March from the Congress Palace in Paris. American awards already existed for the Corporate University sector such as the Corporate University Exchange Awards for Excellence and Innovation and the CUBIC Awards, Corporate University Best in Class. The purpose was to create GlobalCCU awards operating at the global scale, involving companies from around the world and with judges selected from all continents, deliberating together on the outcomes, in a nutshell, a learning event.

The contest launch in 2013, has been organised every two years and in 2023 celebrated the GlobalCCU Awards 10-year anniversary.


2013 GlobalCCU Awards

The winners of the GlobalCCU Awards 2013 at Microsoft Europe Headquarters in Paris, France
The Best Overall Corporate University Gold Award winner was DAU, Defense Acquisition University, USA.

At this first event, GlobalCCU created the GlobalCCU Forum concept around the Award Ceremony. It was the blueprint for future Forums. A panel discussion was organised around the subject, « Relations between Corporate Universities and educational systems », which the experiences of Chinese, Brazilian, Swiss and French Corporate Universities.


2015 GlobalCCU Awards

The GlobalCCU Awards winners at the Société d’Encouragement pour l’Industrie Nationale, in Paris, France
The Best Overall Corporate University Gold Award winner was UniBB, Banco do Brasil.

The GlobalCCU Forum, held in Paris in 2015, again welcomed companies from across the world to explore, discuss and share around the emerging important theme, ‘The Impact of Digital on Corporate Universities’. With speakers, facilitators and partners from around the world, benchmarking on a global scale helped delegates to maximise their performance and shape the future of Corporate Universities.


2017 GlobalCCU Awards

The GlobalCCU Awards winners at the Société d’Encouragement pour l’Industrie Nationale, in Paris, France The Best Overall Corporate University Gold Award winner was unibrad, Bradesco, Brazil.

The GlobalCCU Forum 2017 in Paris once more fulfilled its mission of gathering together many peers from around the globe to share and learn from each other. Prominent leaders exchanged on the hot topic of “The future of Corporate Universities in the Digital Disruption Age”. For the first time, Award winners, that were announced the night before, presented their best practices to the delegates to inspire and support the development of their Corporate Universities and the profession.


2019 GlobalCCU Awards

The winners at Hamburger University, Sao Paulo, Brazil
The Best Overall Corporate University Gold Award winner was PT Telkom, Indonesia

Held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the 2019 Forum was an amazing, inspiring global learning event that brought together worldwide Corporate University practitioners face-to-face, to share experiences and projects, to foster a corpus of industry-specific knowledge and to enhance their personal global network.
The main theme explored on the first day was “Artificial Intelligence’s value in L&D”. At this forum, the Winners Powwow was created, a benchmarking session where the Winners were invited to prepare a presentation of a remarkable, very original feature / nugget identified in their Award application, focusing on a keyword or sentence that would help their peers to progress. In a studious, and at the same time, jubilant atmosphere, the participants discovered common concerns despite their cultural differences, as
well as emerging practices very much in line with societal developments. An extremely strong moment was shared by all !


It appeared quickly enough that Award and Certification journeys required some skills in branding and marketing from Corporate Universities that was not obvious for a few of them who usually come from the HR sector where a certain modesty is shown in this area. GlobalCCU launched a guidance and assessment approach, the GlobalCCU Branding certification, composed of both human supports with coaching, and digital tools accessible in the GlobalCCU Branding portal.


The GlobalCCU Awards winners online

The Best Overall Corporate University Gold Award winner was Russian Railways Russia

The experience accumulated for more than twenty years by GlobalCCU led to the creation of the GlobalCCU basis of reference and the publication of thematic contents via various ways, especially Masterclasses. Two have themes have already been developed in the
GlobalCCU Masterclasses, and others will follow.

2021 GlobalCCU Awards

The 2021 GlobalCCU Awards were organised virtually for the first time due to the Covid pandemics, as well as the 2021 GlobalCCU Forum that created an amazing learning momentum, gathering GlobalCCU Awards winners, CEOs, learning and development peers, experts, facilitators and partners together from 21 countries around the globe to share, learn, be inspired and motivated. The e-Forum programme included engaging sessions exploring two main themes – L&D resilience during Covid19 and for the time ahead and Corporate University Soft Power.


Innovation continued thanks to the strong guidance of the GlobalCCU Advisory Board who approved the strategy to better achieve, and more quickly, our vision and goals, through the enhancement of GlobalCCU’s resources to support Corporate Universities more effectively in their role and help the profession to grow.
To reinforce our position as the organisation of reference within the global Corporate University field, we decided to create a new way of working more closely together. At the end of important developments over several months, we launched the GlobalCCU Membership Community to give the opportunity to access our unique network and evolving observatory of Corporate Universities worldwide, to establish close contacts and fruitful cooperation between peers, to broaden their strategic thinking to deal with growing critical issues, to make their voice heard to shape the future of the profession.


In 2023, we will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the unique GlobalCCU Awards that recognise and reward the very best Corporate Universities / Academies / Learning & Development structures at the global scale that create strategic value for People, Business, Society and the Planet! An important event that will be celebrated at Bangalore, India.

Our vision

To be the renown Hub of Corporate Universities / Academies / Centres for Excellence around the world

Our ambition

To help Corporate Universities / Academies / Centres for Excellence to create strategic value for People, Business, Society and the Planet

Our values and guiding principles

Beyond borders, continents and cultures, GlobalCCU defends humanist values as well as pragmatic principles of action

A human and intellectual venture worldwide

An amazing story started from scratch in 2005 to a strong brand installed at global reach


GlobalCCU benefits from a strong support of Corporate University Executives over the world. Together we develop this outstanding truly global network ...

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It has been my passion and work for almost 20 years to gather together Corporate University professionals from across the world and ultimately he ...