About us

Our values and guiding principles

  • To respect cultural diversity, uniqueness, differences, business ethics, confidentiality, loyalty, intellectual property
  • To overcome cultural barriers, allowing professionals to share the same basis of reference and to speak the same technical language even if they do not speak the same vernacular language
  • To override political and religious differences and issues between countries and regions of the world, GlobalCCU being an apolitical and secular organisation
  • To learn from each other, to challenge and actively help one another, to co-research, to co-create and share knowledge, to give to receive, to be generous.

Our vision

To be the renown Hub of Corporate Universities / Academies / Centres for Excellence around the world

Our ambition

To help Corporate Universities / Academies / Centres for Excellence to create strategic value for People, Business, Society and the Planet

Our values and guiding principles

Beyond borders, continents and cultures, GlobalCCU defends humanist values as well as pragmatic principles of action

A human and intellectual venture worldwide

An amazing story started from scratch in 2005 to a strong brand installed at global reach


GlobalCCU benefits from a strong support of Corporate University Executives over the world. Together we develop this outstanding truly global network ...

Chairwoman’s bio and note

It has been my passion and work for almost 20 years to gather together Corporate University professionals from across the world and ultimately he ...