About us


GlobalCCU benefits from a strong support of Corporate University Executives over the world. Together we develop this outstanding truly global network of Learning and Development practicioners and a unique resource centre of reference at the global scale.

Founder and Chairwoman

Annick Renaud-Coulon, Founder and Chairwoman of GlobalCCU, President of Univencis, France.

The role of the Chairwoman

Her role is to:

  • Provide vision and impetus for developing and sustaining GlobalCCU on the long term.
  • Bring the leadership necessary to achieve GlobalCCU’s vision and mission.
  • Lead the development and implementation of the overall GlobalCCU’s strategy.
  • Source GlobalCCU’s revenues.
  • Lead, guide, direct, and make the governance applied by the Advisory Board, the Awards Advisory & Judging Committee, the members of the network, the GlobalCCU Team, the GlobalCCU Partners, and all other external stakeholders.
  • Consult the Advisory Board on the GlobaCCU strategy, direction, initiatives and potential issues.

Advisory Board


The Advisory Board is the authority of GlobalCCU helping the Chairman to challenge and apply the strategies of GlobalCCU to develop this unique truly global network of Corporate Universities and this resource centre of reference at the global scale and in the respective country and region of the members.

Franck Gaillard

France and (India)
Julia Menninga
Rafat Malik
Centre for Governance (Public Investment Fund)
Chris Hardy
Defense Acquisition University
Temitope  Sowande
First Bank of Nigeria
Matthieu McAuliffe
Charl Cuyler
(South Africa)
Rio Adrianto
PT PLN Persero
Roman Baskin
Russian Railways
(Russia) Inactive
David Li
Greater China at SAP
Subhan Iswahyudi
Telkom Corporate University
V. Kovaichelvan
TVS Motor Company

The role of the Advisory Board

The role of the Advisory Board is outlined as follow :

Strategic advice and guidance

  • Provide resourceful advice to maintain and improve GlobalCCU’s position as the university of Corporate Universities, the worldwide resource centre of reference and recognition for Corporate Universities, the recognised influencer raising the bar and shaping the profession for the long term at a high strategic and operational level.
  • Challenge the importance and priority of GlobalCCU’s activities and participate in its strategic monitoring.
  • Engage representatives of their own general management board in GlobalCCU’s activities.

Operational assistance

  • Provide efficient assistance to run GlobalCCU powerfully and generate value.
  • Suggest improvements and give honest feedback.
  • Participate personally in GlobalCCU’s main activities, especially the GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony and GlobalCCU Forum.
  • Recommend Corporate Universities within their scope (geographical, language, business) that could participate in GlobalCCU activities and contribute to the richness of the work undertaken.
  • Help to find solutions to any technological and pedagogical issues encountered.
  • Help to find sponsors for events.

Communication, marketing and branding

  • Support GlobalCCU’s communication and protect the GlobalCCU reputation worldwide.
  • Communicate about GlobalCCU’s activities with the Corporate University professionals and media of their own country, provide new contacts to GlobalCCU, promote GlobalCCU to their LinkedIn network, where they are invited to mention they belong to the Advisory Board of GlobalCCU.

Scientific Advisors

The Scientific Advisors are in charge of technological, pedagogical and social guidance and monitoring within the Learning and Development activity sector worldwide.

Sampada Inamdar
Tata Motors Limited
Marina Theodotou
Meinrad Arnold
Ricardo Bretas

The role of the Scientific Advisors

The role of the Scientific Advisors is outlined as follow :


  1. Stimulate inspiration to GlobalCCU in order to shape the future of the Corporate University profession at the global level.


  1. Provide information on the trends in the profession and the current strategic and operational needs of the Corporate University leaders.
  2. Bring cultural, technical and economical knowledge and experience.

Operational assistance

  1. Participate in the preparation of the content of GlobalCCU’s main activities and their realisation, such as the GlobalCCU Forum, the GlobalCCU Membership Commuity or webinars.
  2. Provide guidance on the integration of meta trends and issues in the various processes of recognition, such as the GlobalCCU Awards  
  3. Facilitate working groups and lead the production of white papers on priority topics as required.


  1. Support GlobalCCU’s communication and take care of the GlobalCCU reputation worldwide.

Our vision

To be the renown Hub of Corporate Universities / Academies / Centres for Excellence around the world

Our ambition

To help Corporate Universities / Academies / Centres for Excellence to create strategic value for People, Business, Society and the Planet

Our values and guiding principles

Beyond borders, continents and cultures, GlobalCCU defends humanist values as well as pragmatic principles of action

A human and intellectual venture worldwide

An amazing story started from scratch in 2005 to a strong brand installed at global reach


GlobalCCU benefits from a strong support of Corporate University Executives over the world. Together we develop this outstanding truly global network ...

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